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Program Management

Financial Summaries & Customized Reports & Alerts
Challenge: I want to know what my A/R is and see what action is being taken to recover the funds.
Solution: iCaseManage® provides financial summary pages and iGenerate can be customized for your reporting needs.
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Benefit: Get right to the information you need. Create the report the way you want it. Set up an alert so you have the information exactly when you need it.
I get one A/R from my billers, a different one from the state, and another from my accountant!
Secure "Auditor-Approved" Internal Messaging
Challenge: I want to communicate with my therapists about patients and make sure it is HIPAA compliant.
Solution: iCommunicate gives agencies a secure internal 'email' where secure documents can be attached. Send agency documents individually or to all personnel with one click.
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Benefit: Save yourself an audit headache! Know who sent what and when. Nothing leaves iCommunicate - no email, no storing secure information on someone else's server.
I was cited for sending password protected documents to therapists via email!
Staff Referrals in Seconds
Challenge: I want to make sure we are quickly matching therapists with patients.
Solution: iStaff is designed to match patients and therapists on any number of criterion.
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Benefit: Know immediately if you can take a case when a referral comes in, instead of waiting and sorting through lists.
My intake coordinator spends hours determining if we can take a case.
Productivity Reports and Unit Projections
Challenge: I want to see which staff members and therapists are most productive, and which are overusing units.
Solution: Productivity reports and alerts can provide this information before it becomes a problem.
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Benefit: Find out which authorizations are being over-utilized and correct it based on projections, rather than using units you cannot be paid for.
I have no way of knowing if my productivity reports are accurate.
24/7 Secure Access from Anywhere
Challenge: I want real-time information across multiple sites so we can all view and update the same information.
Solution: iCentral®'s solutions are all web-based and can be shared across multiple locations.
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Benefit: Access it anywhere, at any time, and you will always have the same data as everyone else at that moment.
Our internal system is down all the time for maintenance and data sync!
Contractor Payroll Calculated from Claim Information
Challenge: I need to pay my therapists by service, which doubles the entry time and allows for human error.
Solution: iPayroll is flexible and calculates contractor payroll on a variety of identifiers taken from the claims.
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Benefit: No double entry - payroll is calculated from the claim! Every therapist can have their own rates; by service, minutes, patient, or any other identifier!
My staff waste so much time checking payroll invoices against notes and claims.
Demographics and Statistical Information for Audits and Grants
Challenge: I need immediate access to demographic criteria for auditors and grant applications.
Solution: Demographics including language, region, zip code, income, etc. are tracked and easily retrievable. Customize your own tracking fields for your internal needs.
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Benefit: Every agency has specific tracking needs based on their business - customizable tracking fields make it easy for you to get the exact information you need for statistics.
With all the time it takes to gather statistics for grant applications - it's not even worth it.
Forecasting Reports Predict Your Revenue
Challenge: I know my agency has plenty of caseloads, but it's very hard to predict what I can expect my revenue to be over the next year.
Solution: Forecasting reports are available based on per-service and tuition-based authorizations.
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Benefit: Know exactly how much revenue you can expect to receive - for the agency, or per site, or by therapist, even region or zip code!
It is impossible for me to predict how much revenue I can expect next week or month, never mind next year.
iCentralONE - the Simple UNcomplicated Solution
Challenge: Some of my staff and therapists are not technically savvy, and I need them to have access to certain information.
Solution: iCentralONE and the Provider Portal allow you to configure tabs and quicklinks into simple 1,2,3 steps with instructions.
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Benefit: Save the time it takes to explain details and give your staff access to exactly what they need.
My staff are not good at computers, they can't handle a complicated system.


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