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Fast Billing

Enter Billing in Seconds
Challenge: It takes days for billing to be ready in the state and county systems.
Solution: Enter multiple months worth of claims in seconds.
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Benefit: The time saved can be spent doing any number of other important tasks.
Filling out forms and entering data line by line takes forever.
Automated Written Billing Forms
Challenge: Filling out manual billing forms is complicated. Mistakes can be made and it takes too much time.
Solution: iCentral automatically fills in the billing forms with all the correct information. You just need to sign and send.
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Benefit: Tremendous time saver and no revenue loss due to written mistakes.
Filling out forms by hand is a money-loser for us.
Data Entry Speed
Challenge: In the county and state systems, data entry takes a long time and there are so many mistakes from entering every field.
Solution: iClaims has a number of data entry options for rapid entry and immediate error checking.
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Benefit: Extremely time saving so billing can be done sooner!
The city's system allows me to make so many mistakes which cost me later.
Skip the Appeals Procedure
Challenge: If the patient or authorization is not in the county system, data entry can't be done, causing me to pass billing deadlines!
Solution: New referrals and pending authorizations can be entered and billed even if you know they will be denied.
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Benefit: No passing billing deadlines or adding the extra step of an appeals process to get paid.
We lose money and double our work when we have to do a special appeal because the county is behind!
HIPAA Compliant Billing Files
Challenge: My current system tracks the case information, but it is disconnected from the billing in the state system.
Solution: iCentral generates billing files in the accepted format for easy upload to city, county, and/or state systems.
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Benefit: Keeping all your billing and management in one system is efficient and time-saving.
I can't use my system for billing because it can't generate HIPAA files.
Electronic Remittance Available
Challenge: After the claims are processed, it is very difficult for me to find out what action needs to be taken.
Solution: iClaims can electronically update from any remittance file.
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Benefit: Immediately see what's paid and denied, and take immediate action towards payment.
Comparing reports and searches and eliminating duplicates gives me headaches!
Multiple Claim Actions
Challenge: When claims are denied and I need to make changes to get them paid, it takes so much time.
Solution: Actions can be taken on multiple claims at a time in order to change information and resubmit.
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Benefit: Fix an entire set of claims for a patient or authorization in a few clicks.
It takes so much training to learn how to fix denials - it's almost not worth it!
Rebilling and Error Resolution
Challenge: Rebilling takes hours when I have to adjust each claim line by line, especially when the change requires a manual appeal.
Solution: iCentral® generates and tracks rebills on paper or electronically, when the county allows, so all you need to do is sign and send.
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Benefit: Save time and reduce complications by rebilling everything the same way.
Resolving errors through the city system is so frustrating!


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