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For Home Health Care Agencies
Home Health Care Agencies

Home Health Care Agencies face the unique challenge of coordinating and reporting on a complex variety of services, billing types, payers, program requirements, and more.

iCentral® streamlines multiple programs into one simple set of solutions: iCaseManage®.  Users can interact with the electronic profile of any patient, consumer, child or client no matter what program they are in.  iCentral® tracks IFSPs, IEPs, FSPs, Service Plans and Authorizations simultaneously so a patient can be in multiple programs or move from one to another.

Multiple Site Locations?  Not a problem!  iCentral® gives agencies the ability to track patients and staff in multiple locations.  Log in from anywhere, perform services anywhere, it's all tracked in one convenient system – and the information can be exported to internal accounting systems.

iPayroll even calculates your contractor and staff payroll - based on any number of criterion - and communicates it to your payroll system or company for cutting the checks.

Need reports?  How about by program?  Or by patient?  Or by site?  Or everything all together?  iCentral® gives you the flexibility to choose the information you need when you need it.  Set up alerts, choose from any number of iCentral® reports, or create your own and save the criterion!



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