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For Home Health Care Agencies
Flexible Reporting

Customizable Views
Challenge: After information is piled together, it always have to be tweaked in order to be in a format we can use.
Solution: iView allows you to set up your own columns and grouping for searching.
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Benefit: Set it and forget it! Information the way you need it, when you want it.
I hate sorting through different reports to find one that I can use.
Search Right to the Data
Challenge: Instead of working from reports all the time, we need to be able to find information and quickly take action on it right away.
Solution: iGenerate's powerful search allows you to get right to the data for immediate action.
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Benefit: No time wasted going back and forth with reports.
Why do I have to waste time highlighting reports?
Hundreds of Standard Reports
Challenge: I need reports, but I don't have the time to create my own.
Solution: iGenerate has hundreds of standard report formats available, which have been tailored by experience.
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Benefit: Run all the reports you need, and let us worry about the configuration.
I'm not a programmer, I don't have time to create my own reports!
Save Report and Search Criteria
Challenge: We need saved reports so staff don't get confused choosing criteria.
Solution: Quicklinks allow you to save and lock criteria for yourself and your staff for one-click running.
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Benefit: Criteria is automatically selected saving you and your staff time and confusion!
I look at old reports and can never get the new one to match!
Mail Merges
Challenge: Each week, we generate multiple mail merges and labels in word, in order to communicate with patients and therapists.
Solution: iMerge generates mail merges directly from your data into email, iCommunicate, letters, labels, and more.
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Benefit: Keep all your data in one place - merge directly from iCentral®.
We keep track of all our patients and therapists in excel, just so we can send letters.
Automated Alerts
Challenge: I need my therapists and staff to check certain information, but I can never be sure they are getting it.
Solution: Using iCommunicate and Quicklinks, you can set up alerts which generate reports or iView searches and notify by email.
Benefit: Know exactly what information your staff are getting and when.
Two people are wasting their time sending reminders to our therapists.
Export to Standard Formats
Challenge: My accounting staff work directly from excel, and I need to send them data.
Solution: Information can be exported to excel, pdf, and other standard formats.
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Benefit: Save the headache of trying to explain your reports to other people - give it to them in their favorite format!
I will never get away from excel spreadsheets and formulas!
Automated Data Communication
Challenge: We have two internal accounting systems and a payroll system which need to have current data.
Solution: Data communication is available and can be automated on a schedule.
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Benefit: Eliminate the stress of sending files or reports to internal departments.
It's so redundant sending information back and forth!


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