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Secure "Auditor-Approved" Internal Messaging
Challenge: I want to communicate with my therapists about patients and make sure it is HIPAA & FERPA compliant.
Solution: iCommunicate gives agencies a secure internal 'email' where individual providers and groups can be contacted securely.
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Benefit: Save yourself an audit headache! Know who sent what and when. Nothing leaves iCommunicate - no email, no storing secure information on someone else's server.
An auditor told us that passworded emails are not HIPAA compliant.
Secure HIPAA & FERPA Compliant Documents
Challenge: I need to send my therapists vital information including HIPAA & FERPA compliant documents.
Solution: Send vital documents such as authorization paperwork through secure iCommunicate messages individually or to all personnel with one click.
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Benefit: All documents are stored within the system, rather than on the therapists' computer or email server.
I was cited for sending password protected documents to therapists via email!
Audit Trail
Challenge: I must have an audit trail for any changes that users are making, whether it be paper or electronic.
Solution: Just like a signature sheet in a chart, iCentral® stamps the user and date/time updated on every change and entry made.
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Benefit: Keep track of who's making what changes and when.
Sometimes people don't sign the chart, and I could be cited for that!
Forecasting Reports Predict Your Revenue
Challenge: Each year, the auditors ask me about my current caseloads and my anticipated revenue for the next year. Generally I hire 2-3 temps to try and estimate it.
Solution: Forecasting reports are available based on per-service and tuition-based authorizations.
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Benefit: Know exactly how much revenue you can expect to receive - for the agency, or per site, or by therapist, even region or zip code!
It is impossible for me to predict how much revenue I can expect next week or month, never mind next year.
Past and Present Reporting
Challenge: The auditors always want reports 'as of' a certain date, but I can't go back in time and get those numbers.
Solution: Monthly stamping and transaction reports give you 'as of' capability how and when you need it.
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Benefit: Don't waste time sifting through numbers - generate your monthly reports the way YOU want them.
When my auditors ask for 'as of' reports, I cringe.
Customizable Tracking Fields
Challenge: I need to track basic demographic fields as well as ones that are specific to my agency's needs.
Solution: Demographics including language, region, zip code, income, etc. are tracked and easily retrievable. Customize your own tracking fields for your internal needs.
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Benefit: Every agency has specific tracking needs based on their business - customizable tracking fields make it easy for you to get the exact information you need for statistics.
I never know what the auditors are going to ask us to track next!
Demographics & Statistics for Audits and Grants
Challenge: I have to prepare reports of how many patients we are servicing in various regions and zip codes.
Solution: Filter by any demographic field and output the information to a report or pull it up on the screen.
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Benefit: Easily access complex information in a variety of formats.
With all the time it takes to gather statistics for grant applications - it's not even worth it.
Vital HR Information & Customized Fields
Challenge: I need to track provider information such as demographics, license information, and more.
Solution: iHR tracks multiple standard fields, and allows you to customize your agency's specific data.
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Benefit: Report on populations serviced, and quickly access important dates such as licenses.
I waste so much time trying to find license expirations in spreadsheets.


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