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Automatic Payroll

Contractor Payroll Calculated from Claim Information
Challenge: I need to pay my therapists by service, which doubles the entry time and allows for human error.
Solution: iPayroll is flexible and calculates contractor payroll on a variety of identifiers taken from the claims.
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Benefit: No double entry - payroll is calculated from the claim! Every therapist can have their own rates; by service, minutes, patient, or any other identifier!
My staff waste so much time entering both claims and payroll for the same dates!
Eliminate Double Entry
Challenge: After billing, all the payroll invoices have to be compared to therapist invoices to make sure the therapists are billing us the correct amount.
Solution: iPayroll calculates what the therapist is owed, simply compare the claim & invoice totals and check any that do not match.
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Benefit: Save time, money, paperwork, and hassle!
I don't think it's good business to wait for the therapist to invoice me to know how much I owe them.
Payroll Overrides
Challenge: I need the ability to have standard rates per discipline, exceptions for particular therapists & patients, and override the default rates when necessary.
Solution: The rates which iPayroll calculates per group or individual therapist can always be overridden when you need to.
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Benefit: No crazy process to override payroll, just change the amount for the specific date in question.
Some of my therapists get paid a few extra dollars if there is a long commute.
Payroll Errors
Challenge: If my therapist goes outside the authorization or doesn't hand in paperwork, I don't want to pay them.
Solution: You decide under what circumstances you would like to pay the therapists.
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Benefit: If the therapist doesn't follow the authorization or other rules, you catch it right away before paying them.
I hate it when the therapist goes over the units and we pay them before we find out.
Payroll for Meetings and Trainings
Challenge: When my therapists come in for a training or meeting, I need to pay them, but there is no claim.
Solution: Payroll claims can be entered without a visit with customizable codes such as "training".
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Benefit: Know how much your spending on 'non-billable' therapist activity.
I lose money on meetings, but I need to pay the therapists in order for them to come.
Staff Hours
Challenge: I have to keep track of staff hours for my entire business, not just therapists.
Solution: Hours, including customizable types such as "vacation" or "jury duty" can be tracked for staff.
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Benefit: Keep all your payroll data in one place!
I have to keep track of staff hours on a spreadsheet.
Automated Payroll Communication
Challenge: On payroll day, my payroll company cuts the checks & mails them for me, but I need to give them all the amounts.
Solution: Payroll hours and claims can be automatically communicated with your payroll company.
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Benefit: No need to worry about sending the file or reports - it's automated!
It's frustrating, worrying that we will not make the payroll deadline.


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