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Visit Entry

Enter Billing in Seconds
Challenge: It takes days to enter the billing in the state and county systems.
Solution: Enter multiple months worth of claims in seconds
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Benefit: The time saved can be spent doing any number of other important tasks.
Filling out forms and entering data line by line takes forever.
Immediate Error Checks at Data Entry
Challenge: Immediate Error Checks at Data Entry
Solution: Quick & accurate data entry with errors indicated immediately
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Benefit: Catch errors against the authorization immediately, and take action before the billing is denied or the provider is paid.
Getting errors when I bill through the state system is so frustrating!
Field-Level Validations
Challenge: I need a system that knows when I make a mistake.
Solution: Validations help eliminate data errors such as invalid child IDs
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Benefit: Eliminate 'human error' with smart data entry fields.
One time I put a letter instead of a number in the state system - and the entire file crashed!
24/7 Secure Access from Anywhere
Challenge: I can't enter billing for new patients until I get the information from all the sites.
Solution: iCentral®'s solutions are all web-based and can be shared across multiple locations.
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Benefit: Access it anywhere, at any time, and you will always have the same data as everyone else at that moment.
I pass the billing deadlines on new patients because I don't have enough information to bill!
Enter & Bill New Patients on Time
Challenge: I can't do data entry at all for new patients or authorizations until the state has updated their information, which sometimes causes me to pass billing deadlines.
Solution: iCaseManage® accepts new patients even for referrals who do not have ID numbers.
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Benefit: Even though payment may be denied because the state is not up to date, you will get your billing in on time.
It doubles my work when I have to go through an appeal to get paid because the state is behind on their paperwork.
Track Attendance Codes
Challenge: In addition to the billing information, I have to record attendance for our records, even if the session is missed.
Solution: Every date of service entered has a billable or non-billable visit code - which you configure!
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Benefit: Record attendance information including absences for easy access in yearly reports.
It's so annoying to fill out the attendance cards with all the absences.
Claim Information Directly from Notes
Challenge: I have to sort through pages of notes in order to enter the billing for each session.
Solution: Providers can be given the ability to enter their notes and the claim information comes with it.
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Benefit: You have access to notes instantaneously and the claim information is extracted directly from the note & billable.
The therapists hand in their notes, and then I go through them and re-enter the information for billing.
User-Level Access Rights
Challenge: I want the providers to enter their notes, but I'm nervous that they could screw up the billing.
Solution: Your agency decides what information each user can view, enter, and edit, whether it be patient information, reports, messages, or notes.
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Benefit: Each provider has their own login and can only access and update the records they are assigned to.
I don't want the therapists messing with all the patient data or billing.
Automatic Hold & Verification Statuses
Challenge: I need to check over the billing the providers have entered before it can be billed.
Solution: Claims can be put on hold, and verified before billing.
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Benefit: Multiple people can be assigned to check all notes or claims before anything is sent in to bill.
I have to go through pages of notes every week just to double-check billing information!
Contractor Payroll Calculated from Claim Information
Challenge: After I do the billing, I have to double check all the payroll invoices to make sure the therapists are billing us the correct amount.
Solution: iPayroll is flexible and calculates contractor payroll on a variety of identifiers taken from the claims.
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Benefit: No double entry or calculation - payroll is calculated from the claim based on multiple criteria.
I waste so much time checking payroll invoices against notes and claims.


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