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Why iCentral®
The iCentral® Difference

Our competitors fall into the following categories:

Type 1: Small firms who built their own custom access program

We appreciate having someone on staff, for example a family member or a small firm developing custom software to meet your needs. The advantage is that you can work closely with the firm. The biggest disadvantage is that the software is limited in scalability (could break down as you grow) and is inflexible for new business challenges (such as the state coming up with more audit rules). In addition, dealing with an individual has the inherent risk of relying on one person to change and maintain your software when the time comes.

Type 2: Big software companies trying to "fit" a niche market

We appreciate larger companies trying to "squeeze" their software to fit a niche market. The advantage is that you're dealing with a large company with apparently "less risk" and "unlimited" resources. However, in today's market, it could be argued that risk is higher, as larger companies are vulnerable to market conditions. In addition, larger companies typically don't have the knowledgeable or dedicated staff on hand that you might expect to help you in a specific market.

Type 3: Agencies who developed their own software and now want to sell it to you

We appreciate agencies that worked on their own "home grown" software and would like to share it with the rest of market. The advantage is that you get a system that was designed by an expert in your field. Do you really want software that was designed and built by your potential competitor? Since we have worked with a number of agencies, we have the unique ability to take suggestions from various points of view, and have thus designed the systems to meet a variety of needs.

iCentral® recognizes that each business has its own way of operating, even within the same industry. iCentralONETM allows you the flexibility to configure the application the way you like it, resulting in the same advantages a Type 1 competitor might boast. iCentral® gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your software and data is safe and secure because we use a state of the art hosting facility, giving you the same apparent advantage of Type 2 competitors. We also provide you with a dedicated account manager or an affiliate that is an expert in your field so you are dealing with someone who "speaks the same language.", thus addressing the advantages of Type 3 competitors.



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