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Is the software hard to learn?

If you can order something on, you can use our system. Think of our system as a bunch of internet favorites you set up like "My billing for the month" or "Cases that have low service utilization". We give you the templates based on best practices and you can tweak them to set up to your specific requirements.

What do I do if I need help?

iCentral® is dedicated to your success. That means we're there to help you when you have questions, problems, or if you need additional support. That's why we dedicate a Superb Support Team to every customer, and we offer a range of support options, depending on your needs.

What if I need something special?

iCentral® recognizes that sometimes you'll need special attention for things like custom reports and data conversion. That's why we offer professional services such as: Training, Implementation Support, Customization, Project Management, Data Conversion, and Business & Technical Analysis.

What about data integrity?

iCentral® has Data Integrity Checks which prevent many common data entry errors before they happen. This way, your claims won't be rejected for being "out of service date range," as an example. In addition, iCentral® helps you avoid many data integrity errors due to partially redundant entries, since everyone who is authorized to access the system is viewing the same set of core data, even if they're providing different services.

What if my organization grows?

You will never outgrow iCentral® and you won't need to buy new hardware or software each time you add new users. Since 2002, thousands of users have used iCentral® to track hundreds of millions of dollars in claims, thousands of cases, and hundreds of service providers. Users from large multi-state organizations as well as individual therapists log on to our systems every day to manage their cases and run their operations.

What about upgrades?

Unlike conventional applications which sometimes take years between releases and require complex, time-consuming upgrades, iCentral® delivers new features often and instantly so there are really no upgrades necessary. In order to get the most benefit when major features are released, iCentral® announces them through regular communications and demonstrates them at user group meetings or through pre-arranged training sessions.

What if we work with multiple program types and multiple locations?

The people you serve are not divided up into separate pieces so your data about them shouldn't be either. All iCentral® modules are tightly integrated so when information needs to be added for different program types, iCentral® connects all the shared information (such as patient address), while maintaining all privacy restrictions from one program to another. This means that all users at any location work with the most current, complete, consolidated information so it is always consistent. iCentral® also integrates well with other external applications such as GL and payroll systems so you only need to enter data once. Our integration experts can help you share data with other accounting or enterprise applications. Our Integration Services Team works with the leading technologies and platforms, so your organization can achieve a unified view of accurate data across all applications.

What about getting data out of iCentral?

Reports are easy to generate, can be run at any time, and may be exported or communicated with external systems in a number of standard formats. Because iCentral® monitors your data from the moment it is entered and provides built-in and customizable data integrity checks, you gain a uniform view of data across the entire system. Service utilization and worker productivity are just two examples of the type of data you'll be able to view. This not only allows you to gain perspective and make strategic decisions based on real, current information, but it also takes the stress out of audits.

What if I want to customize iCentral® for my own organization?

iCentral® was designed to be flexible, easy to use and powerful. That means we built in the ability to customize much of the application with point and click configurations. Customers can also add templates and save custom searches and reports as well as define and add their own fields, all without writing a single line of code. And when iCentral® adds new features to upgrade the system, all of your customizations are retained so you don't have to go back and add them again. If your customization needs require programming, our Custom Development Team is ready to help you reach your goals.



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