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Our History

From its formation in January 2002 to the present day, iCentral® has adhered to one mission: significantly reduce administrative costs by providing internet based billing and management systems for health care and early intervention agencies.

Consistent with this mission, the solutions we provide are designed to

. increase management efficiency,
. enhance employee productivity, and
. offer the best technology, service and price.

Our clients range from very large home health care companies to small independent firms. Thousands of service providers, supervisors and other personnel have used iCentral® to track thousands of cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars in billing.

In mid 2002 iCentral® launched its flagship product, iCaseManage®, to provide a billing and management system for early intervention agencies.

Throughout the company's first years, the system was continually updated based on client requests.  We not only complied with their requests, we exceeded their expectations.

In 2004, iCentral® released iCaseManage® Version 2.0 with expanded capability for home health care agencies. With Version 2.0 iCaseManage® truly became a central solution, providing one access point for agencies to manage and bill their multiple programs.

In 2009, iCentral® announced the release of iCentralONE™, a powerful new platform that puts users back in the driver's seat. iCentralONE™ delivers a whole new level of flexibility and user control with easily customizable forms, text labels, instruction, workflow, business logic and role-based tabs. With this new highly customizable release, an administrator can streamline processes and increase efficiency across the organization in a matter of minutes. iCentralONE™ allows administrators to design screens and links so end users simply click to perform their predetermined tasks.

In the future, we will continue to strive to automate processes and reduce administrative costs for all types of organizations.




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