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Secure "Auditor-Approved" Internal Messaging
Challenge: I need to send my therapists vital information including HIPAA compliant documents.
Solution: Send vital messages and documents such as authorization paperwork through secure iCommunicate messages.
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Benefit: Save yourself an audit headache! Nothing leaves iCommunicate - no email, no storing secure information on the therapists' computer or email server.
An auditor told us that passworded emails and documents are not HIPAA compliant.
Vital HR Information & Customized Fields
Challenge: I need to track provider information such as demographics, license information, and more.
Solution: iHR tracks multiple standard fields, and allows you to customize your agency's specific data.
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Benefit: You can report on which populations you are ready to service, and use the information to quickly staff cases.
I waste so much time trying to find license expirations in spreadsheets.
Staffing with Therapist Scheduling & Availability
Challenge: I want to make sure we can quickly match therapists and patients.
Solution: iStaff and iSchedule are designed to match patients and therapists based on availability and any number of demographic criterion.
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Benefit: Know immediately who can take a case when a referral comes in, instead of waiting and sorting through lists.
I lose cases to other agencies when I am unable to staff them quickly.
Productivity & Service Utilization
Challenge: I want to see which staff members and therapists are most productive, and which are overusing units.
Solution: Productivity reports and alerts can provide this information before it becomes a problem.
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Benefit: Find out which authorizations are being over-utilized and correct it based on projections, rather than using units you cannot be paid for.
It is so frustrating when I can't get paid because I went over the units!
24/7 Secure Access from Anywhere
Challenge: I want real-time information across multiple sites so we can all view and update the same information.
Solution: iCentral®'s solutions are all web-based and can be shared across multiple locations.
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Benefit: Access it anywhere, at any time, and you will always have the same data as everyone else at that moment.
I always have to wait for data transfer from one site to another.
Contractor Payroll Calculated from Claim Information
Challenge: I need to pay my therapists for each service they do.
Solution: iPayroll is flexible and calculates contractor payroll on a variety of identifiers taken from the claims.
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Benefit: No double entry - payroll is calculated from the claim based on multiple criteria.
Payroll is so complicated and takes so much time.
User-Level Access Rights
Challenge: I only want my providers to see, enter, and update specific information for their own cases.
Solution: You decide what information each user can view, enter, and edit, whether it be patient information, reports, messages, or notes.
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Benefit: Each provider has their own login and can only access and update the records you allow them to see.
I can't give my providers access to our software - there's too much confidential information!
Claim Information Directly from Notes
Challenge: I don't want to waste time waiting for my data entry staff re-enter the claim information from session notes.
Solution: iPortal gives providers the ability to enter and print their notes directly into the system.
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Benefit: You have access to notes instantaneously and the claim information is extracted directly from the note.
My therapists type their notes, and then my billers have to copy them and re-enter the information for billing.
Automatic Hold & Verification Statuses
Challenge: I need to check service notes before I can allow billing to go out.
Solution: Claims can be put on hold, and verified before billing.
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Benefit: Supervisors or managers can check all notes or spot check before anything is sent in to bill.
Sometimes billing is done before my supervisors have had a chance to QA the notes.
Monitor Productivity and Staff Time
Challenge: I want to keep track of units for staff therapists and coordinators for productivity purposes.
Solution: Run productivity and time-tracking reports at any time. Receive alerts based on unit threshold.
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Benefit: This allows you to know who is making their required units, and how staff are spending their time with automated notification.
We have a unit quota, but we waste time keeping track of them manually


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