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Secure "Auditor-Approved" Internal Messaging
Challenge: I want to communicate with my therapists about patients and make sure it is HIPAA compliant.
Solution: iCommunicate gives agencies a secure internal 'email' where secure documents can be attached. Send agency documents individually or to all personnel with one click.
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Benefit: Save yourself an audit headache! Know who sent what and when. Nothing leaves iCommunicate - no email, no storing secure information on someone else's server.
An auditor told us that passworded emails and documents are not HIPAA compliant.
Staff Referrals in Seconds
Challenge: I want to make sure we are quickly matching therapists with patients.
Solution: iStaff is designed to match patients and therapists on any number of criterion.
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Benefit: Know immediately if you can take a case when a referral comes in, instead of waiting and sorting through lists.
When a referral comes in, I have to make several calls before I know if we can take the case.
Calculate Over and Under Serviced Authorizations
Challenge: I want to see which cases and authorizations are running out of units.
Solution: Productivity reports and alerts can provide this information before it becomes a problem.
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Benefit: Find out which authorizations are being over-utilized and correct it based on projections, rather than using units you cannot be paid for.
We never find out we need more units until it is too late to fix it.
Cross Reference Notes and Billing
Challenge: I need to check service notes before I can allow billing to go out.
Solution: Claims can be put on hold, and verified before billing.
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Benefit: Supervisors or managers can check all notes or spot check before anything is sent in to bill.
Sometimes, billing goes out before being approved by a supervisor.
24/7 Secure Access from Anywhere
Challenge: I want real-time information across multiple sites so we can all view and update the same information.
Solution: iCentral®'s solutions are all web-based and can be shared across multiple locations.
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Benefit: Access it anywhere, at any time, and you will always have the same data as everyone else at that moment.
I always have to wait for data transfer from one site to another.
Track Attendance Codes
Challenge: I want to check attendance records to make sure we are keeping track of absences and other visit codes.
Solution: Every visit performed has a customizable visit code - which can be filtered in reports.
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Benefit: Know how many absences per authorization, and who is canceling sessions (patient or therapists) and other vital attendance information.
Reporting absences and attendance takes weeks to prepare.
Store Multiple Contacts
Challenge: I need to know who to contact in an emergency with a patient, and who to call if a session is cancelled.
Solution: Track multiple contacts on a patient including categories.
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Benefit: Know who to contact for what purpose. Who's the primary contact? The legal guardian?
In an emergency, we struggle to contact all our patients.
Monitor Productivity and Staff Time
Challenge: I want to keep track of units for staff therapists and coordinators for productivity purposes.
Solution: Run productivity and time-tracking reports at any time. Receive alerts based on unit threshold.
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Benefit: This allows you to know who is making their required units, and how staff are spending their time with automated notification.
We have a unit quota, but we waste time keeping track of them manually
Customize the Fields You Need to Track
Challenge: I need to track demographics and detailed information about patients.
Solution: Demographics including language, region, zip code, income, etc. are tracked and easily retrievable. Customize your own tracking fields for your internal needs.
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Benefit: Every agency has specific tracking needs based on their business - customizable tracking fields make it easy for you to get the exact information you need for statistics.
It's so hard to find the information I need in these messy charts!


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