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For Early Intervention Agencies
Early Intervention

In the complex world of Early Intervention, it has become vital to the business to have an efficient case management, billing, and payroll system.  iCentral® provides a simple set of solutions that have exceeded our clients’ expectations in this area.

iCentral has been working with Early Intervention providers since 2002.  By working closely with our clients, our internal EI experts and our talented development staff, we have continuously enhanced our solutions to accommodate the unique billing rules and regulations of each region.  Regardless of the changes in electronic billing and paper formats different regions have made, iCentral has always been and will continue to be there for our clients.

Will you be prepared for the next major billing change your county or state makes?

The perfect pairing to the billing solutions iCentral provides are the Case Management functions.  No more over-utilizing of authorizations or running out of units.  No more audit citations for insecure communication, no more lost documents, no more complicated paper trails.  Everything is tracked and secure - and you set the security so you know who has access to what and when they are working on it.

Of course reporting is essential to any business, so everything that goes into the system can come out.  You simply choose the format – it could be a report, an email notification or even a system alert? 

How about payroll?  Track staff hours - who's on vacation?  Track contractor rates - by modifier, or minutes, or service type, or even by child.  Do you pay that therapist a little extra for the tough neighborhood or underserviced populations?  Go ahead - we got that too.  No double entry, no manual calculations.



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