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iCentralONE - the Simple UNcomplicated Solution
Challenge: Some of my staff and therapists are not technically savvy, and I need them to have access to certain information.
Solution: iCentralONE and the Provider Portal allow you to configure tabs and quicklinks into simple 1,2,3 steps with instructions.
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Benefit: Save the time it takes to explain details and give your staff access to exactly what they need.
My staff are not good at computers, they can't handle a complicated system.
24/7 Secure Access from Anywhere
Challenge: I want real-time information across multiple sites so we can all view and update the same information.
Solution: iCentral®'s solutions are all web-based and can be shared across multiple locations.
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Benefit: Access it anywhere, at any time, and you will always have the same data as everyone else at that moment.
Our internal system is down all the time for maintenance and data sync!
Action-Level Security
Challenge: There are so many actions that can be taken with billing and payroll, I want to make sure people won't be able to override amounts.
Solution: Every action is secured by group or individual user, so you can determine who should be able to update what.
Benefit: Overrides can be limited to high-level staff, so no "accidental" over-payments occur.
An employee once increased payroll on therapists after he had been let go.
Audit Trail
Challenge: I must have an audit trail for any changes that users are making, whether it be paper or electronic.
Solution: Just like a signature sheet in a chart, iCentral® stamps the user and date/time updated on every change and entry made.
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Benefit: Keep track of who's making what changes and when.
Sometimes people don't sign the chart, and I could be cited for that!
Customizable Views
Challenge: After information is piled together, it always have to be tweaked in order to be in a format we can use.
Solution: iView allows you to set up your own columns and grouping for searching.
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Benefit: Set it and forget it! Information the way you need it, when you want it.
I hate sorting through different reports to find one that I can use.
Field-Level Security
Challenge: Some of my administrative staff need to enter therapist details, but I don't want them to see secure fields like Social Security Numbers.
Solution: Field level security allows you to configure who should be able to read and/or update secure fields like SSN. Users who do not have access will only see ***-**-****.
Benefit: No need to be concerned about identity theft or secure personnel information with hidden fields.
Many therapists in this field are concerned about identity theft with all their information floating around.
Claim Information Directly from Notes
Challenge: I don't want to waste time waiting for my data entry staff re-enter the claim information from session notes.
Solution: iPortal gives providers the ability to enter and print their notes directly into the system.
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Benefit: You have access to notes instantaneously and the claim information is extracted directly from the note.
My therapists type their notes, and then my billers have to copy them and re-enter the information for billing.
Mail Merges
Challenge: Each week, we generate multiple mail merges and labels in word, in order to communicate with patients and therapists.
Solution: iMerge generates mail merges directly from your data into email, iCommunicate, letters, labels, and more.
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Benefit: Keep all your data in one place - merge directly from iCentral®.
We keep track of all our patients and therapists in excel, just so we can send letters.
Page-Level Security
Challenge: Even though I want my therapists to have the information they need, I'm worried about them viewing my financials.
Solution: Each login is given access rights based upon the customizable groups you create. Users can only see what you want them to.
Benefit: Simplified views make it so therapists need little training, and remove your worries about what they have access to.
I got some new therapists who left another agency after viewing other therapists rates on their system.
Reports & Quicklinks
Challenge: I need to be able to give my therapists reports, but I don't want them changing the criteria.
Solution: Reports are categorized and configured in iSecure, and quicklinks can be created and locked so you know what the therapists are running.
Benefit: Automated quicklinks and alerts make it so you don't have to worry about what reports are being run and when.
I need to alert my coordinators when they are running out of units since they refuse to run reports on their own.
Site & Assignment Level Security
Challenge: The therapists need to view their case information, however they must not see any other cases.
Solution: iSecure gives you the ability to filter logins by site or assignment, so therapists, coordinators, or site managers will only see their cases.
Benefit: Don't worry about staff looking at cases they shouldn't be, simply don't give them the ability to do so.
With paperwork all over the place, I know my staff can look through any chart they want.
User-Level Access Rights
Challenge: I only want my providers to see, enter, and update specific information for their own cases.
Solution: You decide what information each user can view, enter, and edit, whether it be patient information, reports, messages, or notes.
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Benefit: Each provider has their own login and can only access and update the records you allow them to see.
I can't give my providers access to our software - there's too much confidential information!


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